Host Web Pages for Free within Dropbox with DropPages or Pancake.io
Looking for a free and simple way to get a basic website up? Here are two webapps that can help.
Melanie Pinola   Lifehacker
Do People Think Your Ecommerce Business Name Is `500 error`? Upgrade Your Web Hosting Now.
Show me an ecommerce website that hasn’t faced hosting woes, and I will show you one that doesn’t sell a thing!
Pratik Dholakiya   Entrepreneur
Google Chrome Will Begin Blocking Flash in Favor of HTML5
Though it`s been a long time coming and the writing`s been on the wall for a while, Google Chrome is finally de-emphasizing Flash in favor of HTML5.
Brittany Vincent    Entrepreneur
Consumers less likely to complete purchases on mobile
New research shows that shoppers are less likely to go through with an online purchase if they are using a phone or tablet...
Colm Hebblethwaite   Marketing Tech News
Why It`s Nearly Impossible To Stop This Amazon and eBay Scheme
Fred Ruckel was an advertising guy. At 25, he started his own agency, and over 12 years he developed commercials for the Super Bowl, Lays and Pepsi...
Jason Feifer   Entrepreneur
67 Fascinating Facts About Ecommerce vs. Brick and Mortar (Infographic)
While many people believe brick-and-mortar shops are doomed in today’s tech-driven world, there are still a number of people who prefer this hands-on method over shopping online.
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To Succeed in 2018, Ecommerce Entrepreneurs Must Focus on This One Change
For 2018 trends, we asked an expert on what entrepreneurs can expect this coming year in e-commerce...
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11 Big Changes to the Internet From the Past Decade
The internet has come a long way, and quickly...
Grace Reader   Entrepreneur
Amazon narrows list of cities for new headquarters to 20
Amazon said Thursday it narrowed the list of potential cities for its second headquarters to 20 cities.
Sara Salinas   MSN/CNBC
7 essential SQL Server security tips
How to protect your database from SQL injection, data theft, rogue users, and well-meaning meddlers without tying your environment in knots
Sean McCown   Info World
What is SQL? Structured Query Language explained
SQL is neither the fastest nor the most elegant way to talk to databases, but it is the best way we have; here’s why...
Martin Heller    Info World
Looking Beyond the Hype: The Practical Side of AI in the Data Center
Many predictions, these days, center upon Artificial Intelligence (AI). We are told AI will impact every aspect of society...
Drew Robb   AFCOM