Database Design


Introducing BigQuery ML for building predictive models with SQL
Google’s beta extension performs linear regression forecasting and binary logistic classification in the BigQuery data warehouse
Martin Heller
Info World

How to pick a cloud database the right way
Beware the database fan boys, who never want to move to a different database than what they have in the datacenter.
David Linthicum
Info World

What is a graph database? A better way to store connected data
Learn why graph databases excel at exploring highly connected data, and how to leverage them in your organization.
Serdar Yegulalp
Info World

Microsoft Warns of SQL Server 2008 End of Support in Less than a Year
In less than a year, Microsoft will end support for SQL Server 2008...
David Ramel
Visual Studio Magazine

What is Hadoop? How is Hadoop connected with the Cloud?
Hadoop is an open source framework that is ideally suitable for developing software apps and reliable, distributed, scalable computing.
Manchun Pandit

The 3 most important types of data for your business
A new SnapLogic study reveals that companies can improve revenue by using data more effectively.
Laurel Deppen
Tech Republic

Dogs and big data: A mini case study
When you ask the right questions and focus on the right metrics, you can turn your data into useful information that optimizes the business. This success story offers a good example.
Mary Shacklett
Tech Republic

Microsoft Access Databases Are Still Popular
Over the years from the mid-1990s until the present, I have developed many Microsoft (MS) Access database applications for clients and for in-house projects...
Steve Comeau
Hallam ICS

Top 30 SQL Blogs & Websites for Microsoft SQL Server Administrators
The Best SQL blogs from thousands of top SQL blogs

Microsoft`s most popular SQL Server product of all time runs on Linux
Yes, you read that right
Thomas Claburn
The Register

Use Microsoft Access on a MAC and Access Database on a MAC
The picture opposite was reproduced from Microsoft’s pricing page for Office 365.
Your Office Anywhere
Your Office Anywhere

Microsoft SQL Operations Studio eases SQL Server admin tasks
SQL Operations Studio simplifies routine administration of SQL Server
Robert Sheldon

Top 10 T-SQL tips for improved SQL Server development
Learn to script SQL Server backups, why T-SQL in SSIS has pros and cons and workarounds for T-SQL code causing SQL Server performance problems.
SQL Server Staff

Google BigQuery helps companies of any size analyse their datasets
So-called “big data” – the concept of us all creating an ever-increasing amount of data and requiring it processed and analysed – is a hot topic at the moment, both among big companies and startups looking to get an edge in the sector.
Chris Alexander
Developer Fusion

SQL unleashed: 17 ways to speed your SQL queries
It’s easy to create database code that slows down query results or ties up the database unnecessarily—unless you follow these tips
Sean McCown

7 essential SQL Server security tips
How to protect your database from SQL injection, data theft, rogue users, and well-meaning meddlers without tying your environment in knots
Sean McCown
Info World

What is SQL? Structured Query Language explained
SQL is neither the fastest nor the most elegant way to talk to databases, but it is the best way we have; here’s why...
Martin Heller
Info World
--> What is data driven design? Data Driven Design means that databases are the backbone of nearly all we do…Whether its Dynamic web sites built using SQL Server, custom office applications using MS Access or Integrated Office Solutions using ODBC … When it comes to any application we design the database first. Data is the most important factor in the design of any application. How it’s handled , how it’s stored, how it’s accessed and how it will be used. That is why we design the database before we do any other part of an application. We use databases as the backbone infrastructure for nearly all of our custom built designs and solutions. Whether its and Access front end for an office integration with Quickbooks or an enterprise level web based application using SQL Server, OnClick sees database design as the first priority and then builds your solution on top of it