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Azure rumoured to get persistent VMs, not so certain to get Linux support
Microsoft isn’t exactly known for its watertight ship when it comes to keeping all its secrets, well, secret.
Chris Alexander

Oracle accelerates MySQL HeatWave queries with machine learning
`MySQL Autopilot uses advanced machine learning techniques to accelerate HeatWave query performance and scalability in Oracle Cloud’s MySQL Database Service.
Paul Krill
[hypimg3] Announces its AI-Powered Product Manager Tool, Natasha, is in Beta is launching a beta of Natasha, an AI-powered product manager that aims to democratize software development with Builder Studio 3.0.

Experts Talk Data Management Essentials for the Hybrid Cloud in DBTA Webinar
Hybrid cloud computing continues to grow in popularity—offering enterprises a "best of both worlds"
Stephanie Simone

DCK Must Know: The Week’s Top Data Center News
The Kaseya ransomware breach, Equinix’s new frontiers, AWS data center troubles in Ireland, and more.
Yevgeniy Sverdlik
data center knowledge

Microsoft Access Database Corruption
I`ve many users who have been updated to 1803...

Top 10 Microsoft Access Database Corruption Causes
The MS Access database can become corrupt or damaged at any point...
Jyoti Prakash

Bossies 2018: The Best of Open Source Software Awards
InfoWorld recognizes the leading open source projects for software development, cloud computing, big data, and machine learning.
Doug Dineley

Why big data is ready for content management
Data science teams need content managers. Here are 3 ways you can incorporate content management into your data science and analytics.
Mary Shacklett
Tech Republic

The correct levels of backup save time, bandwidth, space
Backup and recovery done efficiently require use of multiple backup levels carefully thought out so a full backup isn’t needed as often if incremental and differential backups are properly planned.
W. Curtis Preston
Network World

In-memory data grids vs. in-memory databases
Selecting the right option for accelerating applications can reduce complexity and save time and money.
Nikita Ivanov
Network World

Why 80% of UK businesses plan to hire a data scientist in 2019
Next year may be the year of a data surge, as companies increasingly focus on their ability to properly grok data for business value.
Conner Forrest
Tech Republic

What is a data lake? Flexible big data management explained
A data lake can be a much more flexible repository than a data warehouse. Or it can be a trash dump that grows and grows.
Andy Patrizio

Introducing BigQuery ML for building predictive models with SQL
Google’s beta extension performs linear regression forecasting and binary logistic classification in the BigQuery data warehouse
Martin Heller
Info World

How to pick a cloud database the right way
Beware the database fan boys, who never want to move to a different database than what they have in the datacenter.
David Linthicum
Info World

What is a graph database? A better way to store connected data
Learn why graph databases excel at exploring highly connected data, and how to leverage them in your organization.
Serdar Yegulalp
Info World

Microsoft Warns of SQL Server 2008 End of Support in Less than a Year
In less than a year, Microsoft will end support for SQL Server 2008...
David Ramel
Visual Studio Magazine

What is Hadoop? How is Hadoop connected with the Cloud?
Hadoop is an open source framework that is ideally suitable for developing software apps and reliable, distributed, scalable computing.
Manchun Pandit

The 3 most important types of data for your business
A new SnapLogic study reveals that companies can improve revenue by using data more effectively.
Laurel Deppen
Tech Republic

Dogs and big data: A mini case study
When you ask the right questions and focus on the right metrics, you can turn your data into useful information that optimizes the business. This success story offers a good example.
Mary Shacklett
Tech Republic