Database Design


Microsoft`s most popular SQL Server product of all time runs on Linux
Yes, you read that right
Thomas Claburn
The Register

Use Microsoft Access on a MAC and Access Database on a MAC
The picture opposite was reproduced from Microsoft’s pricing page for Office 365.
Your Office Anywhere
Your Office Anywhere

Microsoft SQL Operations Studio eases SQL Server admin tasks
SQL Operations Studio simplifies routine administration of SQL Server
Robert Sheldon
What is data driven design? Data Driven Design means that databases are the backbone of nearly all we do…Whether its Dynamic web sites built using SQL Server, custom office applications using MS Access or Integrated Office Solutions using ODBC … When it comes to any application we design the database first. Data is the most important factor in the design of any application. How it’s handled , how it’s stored, how it’s accessed and how it will be used. That is why we design the database before we do any other part of an application. We use databases as the backbone infrastructure for nearly all of our custom built designs and solutions. Whether its and Access front end for an office integration with Quickbooks or an enterprise level web based application using SQL Server, OnClick sees database design as the first priority and then builds your solution on top of it