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Google BigQuery helps companies of any size analyse their datasets
So-called “big data” – the concept of us all creating an ever-increasing amount of data and requiring it processed and analysed – is a hot topic at the moment, both among big companies and startups looking to get an edge in the sector.
Chris Alexander
Developer Fusion

40 Excellent Illustrator Tutorials
Learning is a process which continues throughout the life of an artist, graphic designer, and illustrator. Along the way, designers find the task of mastering Adobe Illustrator
Melissa Scroggins
Smashing Magazine

Starry Summer Nights, Unexplored Worlds, And… Ice Cream! (July 2017 Wallpapers)
July is almost here, and that means, well, new wallpapers.
Cosima Mielke
Smashing Magazine

On Darkness, Doubt, and Design
What would happen, I wondered, if I set out to make really bad posters-ugly ones like some of us did back in the `80s and the early `90s?
Satoru Nihei
Design Observer

The Typeface of Truth
Imagine a client that demands their text be set in `the most credible typeface.` I would probably hide a smile and say there`s no such thing.
Michael Bierut
Design Observer

Meet Atiba The Font
With geometric curves and solid straight lines it is sportive, energetic and timeless
Besiktas JK

5 Color Choice Mistakes You Should Avoid in Web Design [Infographic]
The color you use to communicate a message, a value, or a brand can either support that idea or detract from it.
Jami Oetting

The Psychology of Colors, Fonts & Shape in Logo Design [Infographic]
A logo is the strongest symbol of a brand. It`s what consumers stop at when scanning the shelves, trying to choose between 20 seemingly similar products.
Jami Oetting
SitePro News

20 of the Best Free Stock Photo Sites
From enviable office spaces to stunning scenery, we`re certain you`ll find exactly what you`re looking for with the help of this roundup.
Carly Stec

Color Theory 101: How to Choose the Right Colors for Your Designs
When you`re sifting through your News Feed, what tends to catch your attention? More likely than not, it`s YouTube videos, pictures, animated GIFs, and other visual content, right?
Bethany Cartwright