Google Flips To HTTPS by Default
Starting Tuesday, Google Chrome will begin warning users who visit unencrypted websites that their traffic is flowing to an insecure location.
Joel Hruska
Extreme Tech
Comcast Outage Was Caused by Cut Fiber Cables
Blame cuts to fiber optic cables for Comcast`s outage Friday.
Lily Hay Newman
Reminder: Google Flips To HTTPS by Default Tomorrow
Starting Tuesday, Google Chrome will begin warning users who visit unencrypted websites that their traffic is flowing to an insecure location
Joel Hruska
Opponents Aim to Keep Internet Sales Tax Out of Omnibus Spending Bill
An internet sales tax would cost consumers billions of dollars, kill American jobs by forcing online retailers out of the country, and be a boon to China’s internet retail giant, opponents say.
Kyle Perisic
The Daily Signal
15 Throwback Web Pages That Show Us How the Internet Has Changed
Today, having a functional, strategic website is the norm -- in 2015, more Americans shopped online than they did in stores, and 3.2 billion people were using the internet -- but it wasn’t always that way.
Grace Reader
11 Big Changes to the Internet From the Past Decade
The internet has come a long way, and quickly...
Grace Reader
Microsoft Recommends IE 11 Upgrades To Meet Its Browser End of Life Deadline
Microsoft is recommending that its older Internet Explorer browsers be upgraded to IE 11 first before "uninstalling" them to meet the Jan. 12 end-of-support deadline.
Kurt Mackie
How Level 3`s Tiny Error Shut Off the Internet for Parts of the US
A year ago, a DDoS attack caused internet outages around the US by targeting the internet-infrastructure company Dyn, which provides Domain Name System services to look up web servers.
Lily Hay Newman
Princeton-Trained Computer Scientists Are Building a New Internet That Brings Privacy and Property Rights to Cyberspace
Meet the developers behind Blockstack, who are using blockchain technology to reconfigure the web. It’ll make NSA mass data collection impossible.
Jim Epstein & Nick Gillespie
Apple ad-blocking software scares publishers but Google is target | Technology | The Guardian
Apps that prevent ads making it to the screens of mobile phones topped the charts this year. What will the consequences be in 2016?
Alex Hern
The Guardian

How does Adblocker Plus work technically?
From the Adblock Plus website, Adblock Plus itself has no functionality; it doesn`t block anything  until you "tell" it what to block by adding external filter lists.
Ankit Aggarwal

Most Of The Web Is Invisible To Google. Here`s What It Contains
A roadmap of the Internet`s darkest alleys
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Popular Science