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State of the cloud wars: What we just learned about Microsoft, Amazon, and Google
Each of the big three cloud vendors reported earnings last week, but some were far more forthcoming about their businesses than others.
Matt Asay

All You Need to Know About Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Virtualization
This eBook will discuss Windows Server 2016 Virtualization, also known as Hyper-V 2016...

What is NFV and what are its cost, performance and scaling benefits?
Network functions virtualization (NFV) uses commodity servers to replace specialized network appliances for more flexible, efficient and scalable services.
Lee Doyle
Network World

Server vendors push flex pricing to challenge cloud providers
As enterprises adopt cloud services, hardware vendors are fighting back with long-term payment plans that avoid capital outlay.
Andy Patrizio
Network World

Testing RFID IoT devices for enterprise deployment
RFID devices can be useful internet of things endpoints, but they should be checked for security and compatibility before deployment..
Susan Perschke
Network World

Windows Server 2016: The smart person`s guide
This guide covers details about Windows Server 2016, such as new features, minimum requirements, install options, and how Microsoft`s virtualized services seamlessly integrate with the cloud.
Jesus Vifo
Tech Republic

How to create VirtualBox networks with the Host Network Manager
Jack Wallen walks you through the process of creating virtual networks with VirtualBox so you can test guest servers and desktops without affecting your company network
Jack Wallen
Tech Republic

8 free Wi-Fi stumbling and surveying tools for Windows and Mac
There is enterprise-level software for surveying Wi-Fi networks, but even in large wireless networks, simple freeware tools are handy for a quick peek at the airwaves during design, deployment or troubleshooting.
Eric Geier
Network World

Linux command line tools for working with non-Linux users
If you work within a Linux terminal, working with non-Linux users can be difficult. These tools help with document compatibility and companywide instant messaging.
Bryan Lunduke
Network World