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AWS wants to get your mainframe apps into the cloud – fast
AWS Migration Acceleration Program for Mainframe aims to get customers off of the Big Iron "as fast as they possibly can"
Michael Cooney

What Do Those `AC` and `AX` Numbers on Your Wi-Fi Router Mean?
AC1900? AX6000? Wi-Fi router speeds like these sum up all the bands a router supports.
Sascha Segan

Windows Server 2022: A cheat sheet
Microsoft has just released its most recent Windows Server platform. Check out the improved hybrid cloud features.
Simon Bisson

Does your laptop feel sluggish? Try these 9 things before you give up
Does your laptop feel sluggish? Do you have to wait five minutes after rebooting the laptop before it responds?
Matt Smith

Give your eyes some extra room with this portable second screen
For desktop PC users, hooking up a second screen is pretty normal. The extra visual real estate can seriously improve your productivity. But what if you’re working on a laptop
BleepingComputer Deals

How much RAM do you need in a laptop? Here`s how to figure it out
First, know your budget and your expected tasks to narrow down your choice.
Alaina Yee

Wi-Fi extenders vs. boosters vs. repeaters: Major differences explained
With the recent boom in smart home technology, even our garage doors and light bulbs are connecting to the internet.
Marshall Gunnell

5 steps for modernizing enterprise networks
Software-defined networking, artificial intelligence, cloud, new Wi-Fi and 5G options, and network security can combine to improve performance of traditional networks.
Zeus Kerravala

Extreme CEO: Cloud, hybrid workplaces drive big growth for networking
The continued growth of cloud applications, wireless technology and the COVID-19-driven enterprise hybrid workplace is making flexible networking a must.
Michael Cooney

Eliminate Passwords – Secure Your Network, Delight Your Customers
For decades, passwords have been the most ubiquitous form of authentication.

How to improve network speed in Windows 10 by increasing IRPStackSize
Increasing IRPStackSize`s value from its safe-but-slow default number should considerably increase the network performance of your Windows 10 PC.
Mark Kaelin
tech republic

Intel vs. AMD at CES 2019: Who Won This Year`s Show?
Amid the sea of companies debuting exciting new technology at CES 2019 was an eddy of announcements from chip giants Intel and AMD.
Jon Martindale
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