Microsoft Is Blocking PCs From Installing New Windows 10 Update, And The Reason Is Ridiculous
I don`t even cover Windows 10 updates on a regular basis...
Jason Evangelho

Windows 10 update version 1903: Act fast to delay this big upgrade
Each time Microsoft rolls out a major upgrade to Windows 10...
Ed Bott

Windows 7 Gets an Extra Life With Windows Virtual Desktop
Microsoft announced today that their new Windows Virtual Desktop product is now available...
Lawrence Abrams
Bleeping Computer

Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18342
At around 18% of the installation phase of the update, some devices are rebooting back into the previous build...
Dona Sarkar and Brandon LeBlanc
Windows Experience Blog

Windows logo keyboard shortcuts: The complete list
The Windows logo key, which is common on most keyboards these days...
Mark Kaelin
Tech Republic

Windows 10 Will Automatically Uninstall Broken Updates
Microsoft is attempting to take the pain out of dealing with a Windows Update gone wrong by automatically recognizing there`s a problem and uninstalling the offending update.
Matthew Humphries
PC Mag

Microsoft is building a Chromium-powered web browser that will replace Edge on Windows 10
Microsoft is throwing in the towel with Edge and is building a new web browser for Windows 10, this time powered by Chromium.
Zack Bowden
Windows Central

Microsoft`s Windows 7 has one year of free support left | ZDNet
Microsoft will no longer provide security updates for Windows 7 as of January 14, 2020, which is one year away. There are two ways to get around this date, but they`ll cost you.
Mary Jo Foley

Microsoft Releases KB4487345 Update to Fix Windows 7 Share Issues
Last week Microsoft released the January 2019 Patch Tuesday updates and included in the release were two updates that caused problems connecting to network shares on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.
Lawrence Abrams
Bleeping Computer

Fix Rolling Out for Windows 10 Update That Deleted Files
Microsoft has re-released the Windows 10 October 2018 Update...
Angela Moscaritolo
PC Mag

These Are The Best New Features in Windows 10 October 2018 Update
Microsoft’s Windows 10 October 2018 update is finally here, and while it’s not a massive overhaul...
Jon Martindale
Digital Trends

Surface Event: Everything Microsoft Might Announce
The Surface Pro 6 finally goes quad-core as new Microsoft devices debut
Share Chuong Nguyen and Michael Archambault
Digital Trends

Microsoft Decides Not to Interrupt Firefox/Chrome Installs
Microsoft makes good use of Windows 10 Insider builds to test new features both for reliability and how well the Windows-using...
Matthew Humphries
PC Mag

Windows* 10 Migration Starts with New Millennial-Friendly Hardware
This white paper, "Why Windows* 10 Migration Should Start with New Hardware," is your guide to making your business secure, productive, and more attractive to millennials.

Will Microsoft finally kill the password with its Authenticator upgrade?
Microsoft has extended its support...
Nick Heath
Tech Republic

Understanding Windows 10`s Unified Update Platform
Since UUP was introduced in December, it`s gotten faster, more robust and much more stable.
Ed Tittel
Computer World

Windows 10: Swapping the big bang for the long grumble
The switch to Windows as a Service has brought benefits - and some downsides too.
Steve Ranger

Microsoft Launches Skype 8.0 With New Video and Chat Features
Plus, Fastly raises $40 million in a Series F round, and Chicago-based startup Chowly has raised a total of $5.8 million.

Microsoft Releases PowerShell Core for Linux as a Snap Package
Microsoft`s love for Linux continues…
Mohit Kumar
The Hacker News

How to use, modify, and create templates in Word
Plus, creating custom interactive templates for special projects
JD Sartain
PC World