Hackers can steal data from the enterprise using only a fax number
Fax machines are still widely used by businesses and a communications protocol vulnerability is leaving them exposed to cyberattacks
Charlie Osborne

IoT hacker builds Huawei-based botnet, enslaves 18,000 devices in one day
A hacker has taken only 24 hours to build a botnet which is at least 18,000-devices strong.
Charlie Osborne

Why hackers are increasingly targeting Oracle, SAP software
According to a security report, ERP software using in traditional industries has become a target for cybercriminals.
Conner Forrest
Tech Republic

`All wifi networks` are vulnerable to hacking, security expert discovers
WPA2 protocol used by vast majority of wifi connections has been broken by Belgian researchers, highlighting potential for internet traffic to be exposed...
Alex Hern
The Guardian

Twitter curbs access for 143,000 apps in new crackdown
Twitter said Tuesday it had removed more than 143,000 apps from the messaging service since April in a fresh crackdown on "malicious" activity from automated accounts.

5 Amazon default settings you must change now to increase your privacy
Amazon built an online shopping empire around this mission statement - "to be Earth`s most customer-centric company."
Francis Navarro

The Week in Ransomware - July 20th 2018 - Developer`s Vent, Ransomware Attacks, and More
While it has been pretty slow for new ransomware this week, there was a quite a bit of ransomware related news.
Lawrence Abrams
Tech Republic

You used to build a wall to keep them out, but now hackers are destroying you from the inside
How do you keep data safe when the enemy has already breached your defences?
Ian Leslie

Is Your Small Business at Risk For a Data Breach? Here`s What You Need To Know
Data breaches at large corporations make news, but hackers and thieves are increasingly focusing their work on small businesses.
Sue Poremba
Site Pro News

Microsoft extending GDPR protections to all global customers, here`s how
The tech giant now gives users the ability to transfer or delete all of the data it has collected through its programs, apps, and search engines.
Jonathan Greig

Chinese Hackers Find Over a Dozen Vulnerabilities in BMW Cars
Chinese security researchers have discovered more than a dozen vulnerabilities in the onboard compute units of BMW cars, some of which can be exploited remotely to compromise a vehicle.
Mohit Kumar
The Hacker News

Russian Hackers Infect 500k Routers with Malware
Hackers, believed to be supported by the Russian government, have infected 500,000 wireless routers worldwide with malware, security experts claim.
Tom Fogden

SQL Injection 101: Database & SQL Basics Every Hacker Needs to Know
The key to becoming a competent white hat is knowing how the technology that you are trying to exploit actually works.
Wonder How To

Email No Longer a Secure Method of Communication After Critical Flaw Discovered in PGP
If you use PGP or S/MIME for email encryption you should immediately disable it in your email client. Researchers have discovered a critical vulnerability they’re calling EFAIL...
Matt Novak

Mozilla`s New Firefox Extension Will Try to Stop Facebook from Tracking You
But wouldn`t have stopped the Cambridge Analytica incident
Kayla Stetzel

Powerful DDoS Attack Sets New Record at 1.7 Tbps
The security community is scrambling to neutralize the DDoS attack method through internet filtering, and taking the vulnerable servers off the public internet.
Michael Kan
PC Mag

Microsoft Fixes Windows 10 Vulnerability But Doesn`t
A Google security engineer says Microsoft has failed to properly patch a security flaw affecting Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 distributions.
Catalin Cimpanu
Bleeping Computer

The Fast Pace of Facial Recognition Innovation
Facial recognition technology has finally begun to enter the science fiction landscape we had all dreamt it would soon do.
Kyle Ellicott

Do Not, I Repeat, Do Not Download Onavo, Facebook`s Vampiric VPN Service
Facebook is not a privacy company; it’s Big Brother on PCP...
Dell Cameron

Windows users must do this one thing right now to deal with the dangerous Spectre chip flaw
With the Spectre and Meltdown chip flaws still casting a long shadow on the security of almost every modern computer out there, hardware and software vendors have been scrambling...
Francis Navarro