Cyber security 101: Protect your privacy from hackers, spies, and the government
Simple steps can make the difference between losing your online accounts or maintaining what is now a precious commodity: Your privacy.
Charlie Osborne and Zack Whittaker

Critical Flaw Uncovered In WordPress That Remained Unpatched for 6 Years
Exclusive — If you have not updated your website to the latest WordPress version 5.0.3...
Swati Khandelwal
The Hacker News

2 Billion Unencrypted Records Leaked In Marketing Data Breach -- What Happened And What To Do Next
I woke up this morning to discover, yet again, that I was one of a stupidly large number of people whose personal data...
Davey Winder

3 ways state actors target businesses in cyber warfare, and how to protect yourself
The year 2019 is likely to see an increase of state actors taking aim at the private sector in foreign companies.
James Sanders
Tech Republic

DHS issues security alert about recent DNS hijacking attacks
The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has published today an "emergency directive" that contains guidance in regards to a recent report detailing a wave of DNS hijacking incidents perpetrated out of Iran.
Catalin Cimpanu

Cryptocurrency mining malware is the number one malware menace - again | ZDNet
Cryptojackers like CoinHive top Check Point’s ‘most wanted’ malware list – but Smoke Loader’s first entry points to what might be to come.
Danny Palmer

Del Rio City Hall Forced to Use Paper After Ransomwar
The City Hall of Del Rio, Texas was hit by a ransomware attack on Thursday, which led to multiple computers on the network being turned off and disconnected from the Internet to contain and analyze the malware
Sergiu Gatlan
Bleeping Computer

The Big Hack: How China Used a Tiny Chip to Infiltrate U.S. Companies
The attack by Chinese spies reached almost 30 U.S. companies, including Amazon and Apple...
Jordan Robertson and Michael Riley

Google+ to be shut down after data breach
Google+, Google`s attempt to create a social media network to rival Facebook, is shutting down.
Tim Sandle
Digital Journal

How cybersecurity will evolve in a 5G connected world
A panel of cybersecurity and tech professionals gathered at the 2018 AT&T Business Summit to discuss the future of 5G security.
Macy Bayern
Tech Republic

Facebook security breach: Up to 50m accounts attacked
Facebook says almost 50 million of its users were left exposed by a security flaw.
Dave Lee
BBC News

FBI warns companies about hackers increasingly abusing RDP connections
Millions of RDP endpoints remain exposed online and vulnerable to exploit, dictionary, and brute-force attacks.
Catalin Cimpanu for Zero Day

Researcher Discloses New Zero-Day Affecting All Versions of Windows
A security researcher has publicly disclosed an unpatched zero-day vulnerability in all supported versions of Microsoft Windows operating system...
Mohit Kumar
The Hacker News

Chrome 69 Is a Full-Fledged Assault on User Privacy
Eleven days ago, we excoriated Microsoft for its now-scuttled plan to add “warnings” to Windows 10 that would nudge users away from using Chrome and Firefox...
Joel Hruska

Former NSA staffer will go to prison for taking top secret documents home
It`s alleged that Russian hackers stole classified info from the NSA worker`s home computer.
Saqib Shah

Microsoft Office is more dangerous than you think: Docs deliver 45% of all malware
Malicious Microsoft Office attachments are more common than malicious batch scripts and PowerShell scripts, according to Cofense. Here`s how to protect your business.
Alison DeNisco Rayome
Tech Republic

Hackers can steal data from the enterprise using only a fax number
Fax machines are still widely used by businesses and a communications protocol vulnerability is leaving them exposed to cyberattacks.
Charlie Osborne

An 11-year-old changed election results on a replica Florida state website in under 10 minutes
An 11-year-old boy on Friday was able to hack into a replica of the Florida state election website...
Michael D. Regan
PBS Newshour

New Wi-Fi attack cracks WPA2 passwords with ease
The common Wi-Fi security standard is no longer as secure as you think.
Charlie Osborne

IoT security warning: Your hacked devices are being used for cyber crime says FBI
Internet of Things devices including routers...
Danny Palmer