Is Windows antivirus software still necessary in 2022?
Why Microsoft`s built-in virus scanner is probably good enough (and why you might still look elsewhere).
Jared Newman

New MetaMask phishing campaign uses KYC lures to steal passphrases
A new phishing campaign is targeting users on Microsoft 365 while spoofing the popular MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet provider and attempting to steal recovery phrases.
Bill Toulas

3 tricks to see if your passwords are being sold on the Dark Web
Hackers can make a ton of money by selling your private information on illegal forums.

MetaMask, Phantom warn of flaw that could steal your crypto wallets
MetaMask and Phantom are warning of a new `Demonic` vulnerability that could expose a crypto wallet`s secret recovery phrase
Bill Toulas

Have a printer at home? 5 critical security steps to keep hackers out
You’ve password-protected your computer, installed antivirus and maybe even checked your home network for intruders. You’re smart! But

6 top network security threats and how to beat them
Here`s a list of the most insidious external security threats and internal vulnerabilities, and how to successfully protect the network against both
John Edwards

Protect your tech: Time to update Chrome, Windows and iOS
One of the easiest ways to protect against security flaws, hacks, bugs and viruses is to keep your software and devices updated.

Over 3.6 million MySQL servers found exposed on the Internet
MySQL servers, 2.3 million are connected over IPv4, with 1.3 million devices over IPv6.
Bill Toulas

IDShield Review
Comprehensive identity protection plus time-tested device security
Neil J. Rubenking

Windows and Mac security settings to check now
`It’s never good to go too long without checking your security settings.

Privacy fix: How to remove your address and phone number from Google search results
Apps and services often need certain information to work correctly.

Ransomware gangs rely more on weaponizing vulnerabilities
Security researchers are warning that external remote access services continue to be the main vector for ransomware gangs
Ionut Ilascu

The Best Antivirus Protection for 2022
Antivirus software is critical for every PC. Without it, your personal information, your data, and even your bank account are at risk. We`ve tested more than 40 utilities to help you pick the best antivirus.
Neil J. Rubenking

Don`t Freak Out: How to Save Data From a PC That Won`t Boot
`If you have important data trapped on a computer that`s not working, there are ways to recover it. You should already have a backup, but here`s what you can do in an emergency.
Whitson Gordon

Cisco warns of critical vulnerability in virtualized network software
Cisco issues free software updates to fix weaknesses in its Enterprise NFV Infrastructure Software.
Michael Cooney

Hackers are now hiding malware in Windows Event Logs
Security researchers have noticed a malicious campaign that used Windows event logs
Ionut Ilascu

Hackers stole data undetected from US, European orgs since 2019
The Chinese hacking group known as `Winnti` has been stealthily stealing intellectual
Bill Toulas

5 VMware products need patching against serious security vulnerabilities
VMware urges patching Workspace ONE Access and VMware products that include components of VMware Identity Manager.
Jon Gold

Protect Your PC: How to Work From Home Securely
Working from home opens up security risks you just don`t face in the office.
Neil J. Rubenking

Huge Google Chrome danger revealed – check your browser right now
YOUR gadgets could be in grave danger – and it`s all linked to a simple Google Chrome mistake.
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