Android Malware Apps Get Extra Crafty and Net Over 300,000 Installs
The dropper apps disguised themselves as PDF and QR code scanners, as well as fitness apps.
Mark Knapp

The Best Cyber Monday 2021 Security, IT, VPN, & Antivirus Deals
Cyber Monday is here and there are great deals available for computer security.
BleepingComputer Deals

Over nine million Android devices infected by info-stealing trojan
A large-scale malware campaign on Huawei`s AppGallery has led to approximately 9,300,000 installs of Android trojans.
Bill Toulas

US, UK warn of Iranian hackers exploiting Microsoft Exchange, Fortinet
US, UK, and Australian cybersecurity agencies warned today of ongoing exploitation of Microsoft Exchange.
Sergiu Gatlan

FBI: HelloKitty ransomware adds DDoS attacks to extortion tactics
The U.S. (FBI) has sent out a flash alert warning private industry partners that the HelloKitty ransomware gang (aka FiveHands) has added (DDoS) attacks.
Sergiu Gatlan

BlackMatter ransomware victims quietly helped using secret decryptor
Cybersecurity firm Emsisoft has been secretly decrypting BlackMatter ransomware victims since this summer.
Lawrence Abrams

Amazon’s Twitch hit with major breach of source code, security tools, streamer payouts, and more
The Amazon-owned livestreaming network Twitch has confirmed that it’s been hacked

SonicWall fixes critical bug allowing SMA 100 device takeover
`SonicWall has patched a critical security flaw impacting several Secure Mobile Access (SMA) 100 series products
Sergiu Gatlan

New macOS zero-day bug lets attackers run commands remotely
Security researchers disclosed today a new vulnerability in Apple`s macOS Finder, which makes it possible for attackers to run arbitrary commands on Macs
Sergiu Gatlan

These 4 downloads can ruin a Windows PC
`I give a lot of advice about what you should do in your digital life. I give just as much about what you shouldn’t do.
Kim Komando

The Week in Ransomware - September 10th 2021 - REvil returns
This week marked the return of the notorious REvil ransomware group, who disappeared in July
Lawrence Abrams

Apple must allow other forms of in-app purchases, rules judge in Epic v. Apple
Judge Yvonne Gonzalez-Rogers issued a permanent injunction in the Epic v. Apple case on Friday morning.
Russell Brandom

8 Easy Ways to Stay Anonymous Online
Some might say the internet was built on anonymity, paving the way for a place where free speech reigns supreme. But after years of learning about who`s snooping into everything we do online, privacy on the web is hardly a given.
Eric Griffith

Google just banned 8 dangerous apps – Check your phone right now!
The pandemic has caused financial hardships across the globe, and people are seeking to supplement their income.

Cybercriminal sells tool to hide malware in AMD, NVIDIA GPUs
Cybercriminals are making strides towards attacks with malware that can execute code from the graphics
Ionut Ilascu

Tech companies pledge to help toughen US cybersecurity in White House meeting
Apple, Google, Microsoft and others will fund new technologies and training as part of the nation`s struggle to combat cyberattacks.
Lance Whitney

Federal Government Sues Facebook—Again—After Court Struck Down First Lawsuit
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed an amended complaint against Facebook Thursday alleging the social media giant is a monopoly
Alison Durkee

Best password managers: Reviews of the top products
If you`re still using your dog`s name to log in to your bank, you are courting disaster.
Michael Ansaldo

LockFile ransomware uses PetitPotam attack to hijack Windows domains
`At least one ransomware threat actor has started to leverage the recently discovered PetitPotam NTLM relay attack method
Ionut Ilascu

Hackers can bypass Cisco security products in data theft attacks
Cisco said that unauthenticated attackers could bypass TLS inspection
Sergiu Gatlan