Photos: 16 books about AI, robotics, automation, and how they`re affecting the job market
Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson, authors and directors of the MIT Initiative...
Kristen Lotze
Tech Republic
Stop & Shop Looks To Normalize Robots In Public Places
If you have a Stop & Shop convenience store in your area...
Jazz Shaw
Hot Air
Amazon offers employees $10K and 3 months’ pay to start their own delivery businesses
Following news of Amazon’s plans to reduce Prime shipping down to one day...
Sarah Perez
Here’s what robots destroy when they compete with humans
A new study has something to say about the toll of workplace automation...
Andrew Keshner
A 10-million-pound undersea cable just set an internet speed record
Breaking down, by the numbers, a new submarine data-transfer accomplishment...
Rob Verger
Popular Science
Inside the Raspberry Pi: The story of the $35 computer that changed the world
The co-creators of the credit-card-sized board reveal the many challenges they overcame to build the breakthrough machine.
Nick Heath
Tech Republic
DeepMind`s AlphaZero now showing human-like intuition in historical `turning point` for AI
DeepMind’s artificial intelligence programme AlphaZero is now showing signs of human-like intuition and creativity, in what developers have hailed as ‘turning point’ in history
Sarah Knapton
Yahoo News
Exclusive: Tim Berners-Lee tells us his radical new plan to upend the World Wide Web
With an ambitious decentralized platform, the father of the web hopes it’s game on for corporate tech giants like Facebook and Google.
Katrina Brooker
Fast Company

Woz takes a broad but hopeful view on AI, IoT
Computing icon and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak talked about AI, IoT and more at the 2018 Fog World Congress.
Jon Gold
Network World

Facebook’s Rosetta AI Can Read All The Memes
There are so many memes on Facebook and Instagram that the company has enlisted its artificial intelligence to help understand them.
Karissa Bell

Can AI produce fine art?
We don’t normally cover the fine art beat here for obvious reasons, but there was a sale of a painting to a French collector...
Jazz Shaw
Hot Air

Fake news detector algorithm works better than a human
An algorithm-based system that identifies telltale linguistic cues...
University of Michigan
Science Daily

`World Computer` Project Dfinity Raises $102 Million
An ambitious blockchain project called Dfinity wants to reinvent computing by replacing large platforms like Amazon...
Jeff John Roberts

The tech industry doesn`t have a plan for dealing with bias in facial recognition
We surveyed a dozen firms to see what they were doing about this problem. Experts say: not enough.
James Vincent
The Verge

Intel Confirms `Fastest Ever` Core i7-8086K 5GHz Six-Core Processor And You Can Get One For Free
Intel has confirmed that it will be launching its fastest ever processor
Antony Leather

Human-looking robots are coming to a home near you
In 1962, the world got a glimpse into the future with the classic cartoon series “The Jetsons.” There was George, Jane, Judy, Elroy, and the smart-alecky mechanical maid, Rosie. Now it’s 2018.
Kim Komando

Survival of the Richest: The Wealthy are Plotting to Leave Us Behind
Last year, I got invited to a super-deluxe private resort to deliver a keynote speech to what I assumed would be a hundred or so investment bankers.
Douglas Rushkoff

Android TV is not slowing down
Android TV is quickly becoming a staple on the technology roadmaps of pay-TV operators worldwide.
Ron Downey
App Developer Magazine

With update, Google Lens could be an essential AI tool for business travelers
Google Lens allows users to point their smartphone camera at something and get instant information on it from the web.
Jonathan Greig

Your Worst Alexa Nightmares Are Coming True
What’s the most terrifying thing you can imagine an Amazon Echo doing? Think realistically.
Adam Clark Estes