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Meet "Form Design Patterns," Our New Book On Accessible Web Forms - Now Shipping!
Forms are at the center of every meaningful interaction, so they’re worth getting a firm handle on.
Markus Seyfferth
Smashing Magazine

3 Essential Design Trends, October 2018
This month’s trends have something in common: You’ve probably seen all of these ideas before...
Carrie Cousins
Web Designer Depot

15 ways to run a terrible website
If you`re old enough to remember...
Scott Matteson
Tech Republic

Windows 10: Microsoft and Intel patch latest Spectre and Foreshadow CPU vulnerabilities
Microsoft has released out-of-bounds patches for Windows 10 to help protect against new Spectre and Foreshadow CPU attacks.
Nick Heath
Tech Republic

What`s New for Designers, August 2018
What’s old is new again...
Carrie Cousins

Animating SVG Files With SVGator
We’re pretty excited by tools such as SVGator, which really speed up the process when you’re making simple SVG animations.
Smashing Team
Smashing Magazine

Linkbuilding: The Citizen`s Field Guide
Tired of hearing about cryptocurrency? It’s high time we took a closer look at hyperlinks and how they are one of the biggest currencies in the SEO world.
Myriam Jessier & Stéphanie Walter
Smashing Magazine

Google Flips To HTTPS by Default
Starting Tuesday, Google Chrome will begin warning users who visit unencrypted websites that their traffic is flowing to an insecure location.
Joel Hruska
Extreme Tech

Reminder: Google Flips To HTTPS by Default Tomorrow
Starting Tuesday, Google Chrome will begin warning users who visit unencrypted websites that their traffic is flowing to an insecure location
Joel Hruska

7 essential tools for today`s web designer
Choose the perfect colour palette, quickly create a static site, add drag and drop functionality and more.
Steve Jenkins
Creative Bloq

8 Resources to Help Designers with GDPR Compliance
Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for a bit (and even then, the news would probably still reach you), you know that GDPR...
Erik Karkovack

Designing a Great Website on a Budget by www.thehostingnews.com
A good website isn’t just an asset anymore; it’s vital for success...
Benjamin Ehinger

Sony`s KOOV is a 300+ piece coding kit for kids to bring blocky robots to life
Sony is getting into the STEM education game with KOOV, a coding kit containing more than enough sensors, actuators, and electronic parts to bring blocky Minecraft-like robots to life.
Dami Lee
The Verge

Google Chrome Will Begin Blocking Flash in Favor of HTML5
Though it`s been a long time coming and the writing`s been on the wall for a while, Google Chrome is finally de-emphasizing Flash in favor of HTML5.
Brittany Vincent

Low code and no code app development benefits |
How low code and no code development platforms are helping enterprise IT teams create mobile apps better.
Richard Harris
App Developer Magazine

How To Secure Your Web App With HTTP Headers
HTTP response headers can be leveraged to tighten up the security of web apps, typically just by adding a few lines of code
Hagay Lupesko
Smashing Magazine

Popular websites then and now - Business Insider
What did LinkedIn look like the first time you visited the site in 2003?
Jillian D`Onfro and Alyson Shontell
Business Insider

12 Critical Elements Every Website Homepage Must Have
If you’re considering a website redesign or are wondering how to generate more leads from your website, it`s a good idea to start with your homepage.
Lindsay Kolowich

10 Needed Tips for WordPress Beginners
WordPress is an open source website building program using PHP. It is one of the easiest ways to produce a professional revenue producing website or blog.
Terri Seymour
SitePro News

What`s WYSIWYG? How Today`s Online Editor Came to Be
WYSIWYG. No, this isn`t another one of those newfangled acronyms the kids are using these days -- it`s actually been around for quite some time.
Carly Stec