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Top 5 GoPro Accessories you should buy
YouTube video showcasing top GoPro accessories

Wow Clients with eversign`s Electronic Signatures
If you’re a freelance designer, or developer—heck, if you’re a globally renowned digital agency—you must not do business without binding paperwork; don’t even pick up a sketchbook unless the client is signed up and committed.
WebdesignerDepot Staff

8-in-1 smartphone accessory & tool
This indispensable 8-in-1 smartphone accessory does it all! Take it with you everywhere!
Kim`s Shop

Google Jamboard Goes on Sale
Google`s $5,000 collaborative and smart digital whiteboard is now available to buy.
Matthew Humphries
PC Mag

The 10 best bridge cameras in 2017
Get a compact camera with DSLR styling and a huge zoom
Phil Hall
Tech Radar