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`Not a Search Engine`: OpenAI to Reveal ChatGPT, GPT-4 Updates at Monday Event
OpenAI shoots down reports it will launch a search engine (or GPT-5) next week to steal Google`s I/O spotlight, but there are clues that a more search-focused product is in the works.
Emily Dreibelbis

10 Windows features that will disappear soon
Bye bye bye.
Thomas Joos

10 cloud development gotchas to watch out for
Cloud-based development has many advantages but some big downsides, too. Here are 10 reasons to think twice before developing, testing, or deploying your apps in the cloud.
Bob Violino

10 Reasons 2024 Is the Best Time to Build Your Own PC
The early 2020s were grim times for PC builders, but the stars and parts are aligning to bring DIY desktops back into favor. Our expert makes the case for busting out your screwdriver.
John Burek

The best WordPress hosting services
If you`re using a CMS to produce your website, there`s a good chance you`re using WordPress. These are the best WordPress hosting providers and vendors that specialize in everything WordPress.
Charlie Osborne

Our Top 100 Budget Buys: Affordable, Tested Tech That`s Actually Worth It
Our experts review more than 1,500 technology products each year. Our mega-guide, updated monthly, scopes out the very best cost-conscious products across 15 key categories.
PCMag Staff

Why we need both cloud engineers and cloud architects
Let’s clear up the confusion around the semantics of these critical roles. They offer a combo of strategic vision and on-the-ground development skills.
David Linthicum

Clean Up Your Messy Cables With These 9 Simple Tips
Organizing a tangle of cords is easier and less expensive than you might think. We show you how to tidy up your work and living spaces using household items you likely already have.
Jill Duffy

Google Project IDX adds Android, iOS simulators
Experimental AI-powered cloud-based development environment introduces previews on mobile platforms and templates for Astro, Go, Node.js, and Python.
Paul Krill

What is an API? Application programming interfaces explained
Developers use application programming interfaces to hide complexity, organize code, design reusable components, and connect different systems, applications, or services. Here`s how.
Matthew Tyson

The Enterprise and Technology Issues Data Professionals Will Be Facing in the Year
`We canvassed leaders in the database space on the concerns they have for 2023.
Joe McKendrick

Why Hydrogen Is Ideal Green Energy Choice to Run Data Centers
Here`s a deep-dive into how that can happen.
Steven Hill
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How to register your own domain name
Reserve a website name before someone else beats you to it.
Alaina Yee

Stack Is Building a 216MW Data Center Campus in Virginia
More servers for the data center capital.
Max Smolaks