Google Briefly Nuked the Internet Last Night
Users were unable to access search and Google Maps around the same time an explosion at a Google data center reportedly left three workers critically injured.
Mack DeGeurin

Google Chrome’s latest release packs in 27 security fixes
Stable version 104 is ready to download now.
Michael Crider

From Floppies to Solid State: The Evolution of PC Storage Media
Remember Jaz and Zip discs? Since the debut of the IBM PC, there have been many ways to store your data, and if you`re geeks like us, you care about this sort of thing.
Eric Griffith

What to expect in Windows 11’s big ‘2H22’ feature update
The next Windows 11 feature update will roll out in a month or two, with some small but interesting updates to Windows 11.
Mark Hachman

Microsoft Defender now better at blocking ransomware on Windows 11
Microsoft has released new Windows 11 builds to the Beta Channel with improved Microsoft Defender
Sergiu Gatlan

Winamp releases new version after four years in development
Winamp has released its first release candidate after four years in development
Lawrence Abrams

PC on the Fritz? How to Factory Reset a Windows 10 or Windows 11 Computer
If your Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC is struggling, it might be time to restore the computer to its out-of-the-box settings.
Jason Cohen

6 Easy Ways to Find the Streaming Movies and Shows You Want to Watch
Jordan Minor

Intel kills the remnants of Optane memory
The speed-boosting storage tech was already on the ropes.
Michael Crider

How to Add Custom Fonts in macOS
Specialized typefaces are more than just pretty, they can also help people with reading disabilities. We show you how to use Font Book to install, manage, and remove fonts on macOS.
Justin Pot

Chromebooks are getting a video editor, virtual desks, and more
And if that`s not enough, Google is going to integrate the LumaTouch LumaFusion app into Chromebooks, too.
Mark Hachman

18 Google Drive Tips You Can`t Afford to Miss
Google`s online storage service is a stellar file repository and syncing tool to begin with, but with these top tips, you`ll be amazed to find out what it can do for you.
Eric Griffith

New Android malware apps installed 10 million times from Google Play
A new batch of malicious Android apps filled with adware and malware was found on the Google Play
Bill Toulas

Best remote desktop software: From casual use to business deployment
Our picks cover both free and paid options.
Jon Jacobi

11 Tips to Being More Productive and Efficient in the Short and Long Term
Protect your most productive hours, curb distractions before they start, and master the art of efficiency with these pointers.
Jill Duffy

Windows 11 is getting a much-needed upgrade for multitaskers
An overflow button will make it easier to use a huge amount of apps at once.
Michael Crider

Microsoft fixes Access apps failing to open after July updates
Microsoft is rolling out a fix for a known issue that caused MS Access runtime applications not to open after installing July 2022`s Patch Tuesday Office/Access security updates.
Sergiu Gatlan

Open source isn’t working for AI
What’s the point of open sourcing code that runs at a scale no one can replicate? AI needs collaboration, but let’s think about it differently.
Matt Asay

This Google Chrome feature makes my life far less chaotic
I’m just waiting for Firefox to finally get on board this train too.
Alaina Yee

Apple iOS 16 Preview
Test drive the iPhone`s fun and productive future with this impressive beta
Gabriel Zamora