How to Add Multiple Email and Microsoft Accounts to Windows
Maybe you have a Yahoo account for email, a Google account for calendar appointments, or an Outlook account for contacts. Here`s how to add them all to Windows for easy access.
Lance Whitney

Hackers are now hiding malware in Windows Event Logs
Security researchers have noticed a malicious campaign that used Windows event logs
Ionut Ilascu

Apple, Google, Microsoft Make Combined Push for Password-Less Logins
The upcoming system largely relies on the smartphone to authenticate user sign-ins and promises to work across different platforms.
Michael Kan

9 Major Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 11 Now
A slick new interface, better security, updated apps, and info widgets are just some of the perks of upgrading to Windows 11. Here`s why you should do it sooner than later.
Michael Muchmore

Microsoft warns Exchange Online basic auth will be disabled
Microsoft warned customers today that it will start disabling Basic Authentication
Sergiu Gatlan

Microsoft tests a limited VPN for Microsoft Edge
Just a gigabyte of data will be offered for free, according to a Microsoft support page.
Mark Hachman

How to Copy and Paste Text Between Your Android Phone and Windows PC
Make the most of the Windows universal cloud clipboard with this nifty trick for Android users.
Lance Whitney

Meta, Amazon, and TikTok Likely to Face New Legal Restraints in Europe, That Could Have Global Effects
`The Digital Services Act Aims to crack Down on misinformation and mandate transparent practices.
Lauren Leffer

Mads Asks What You Want for Visual Studio 2022
Visual Studio developer and extensions author extraordinaire -- is asking his 30,000-plus Twitter followers what features they would like for Visual Studio
David Ramel

Don’t hold your breath for Windows 11 taskbar improvements
The next big Windows 11 update will omit a much-requested taskbar feature from previous versions.
Michael Crider

This new Windows 11 security feature will force you to reset your PC
Smart App Control will be added to new Windows 11 PCs, but will require a reset for those who have already upgraded to Windows 11.
Mark Hachman

Watch Microsoft’s DirectStorage slash PC game loading times down to a second
We have our first look at how fast Microsoft`s DirectStorage can be on PCs, and boy, it it ever.
Mark Hachman

Microsoft’s ‘Threat Intelligence Center’ Disabled Cyberattack Targeting Ukraine
Microsoft helped Ukraine defend against a likely Russian cyberattack

Auto HDR deep-dive: How and why to use Windows 11’s eye-catching game feature
Can older games really look like new? What do you need to run Auto HDR? We explain all.
Matt Smith

Malware infiltrates Microsoft Store via clones of popular games
A malware named Electron Bot has found its way into Microsoft’s Official Store through clones of popular games
Bill Toulas

Windows 11’s windowed gaming and HDR are about to get a lot better
For now, the PC gaming improvements are limited to Windows Insiders. But probably not for long.
Mark Hachman

Windows 11 update brings long-awaited taskbar improvements
Microsoft has released the optional KB5010414 cumulative update preview for Windows 11, with highly anticipated taskbar enhancements and fixes
Sergiu Gatlan

Beware: This fake Windows 11 upgrade infects you with malware instead
Hackers created an impressive fake Microsoft site to steal personal info and cryptocurrency.
Michael Crider

Microsoft’s new Defender Preview is a safety blanket for Windows and Android
This is one of the first times Microsoft has overtly considered both Android phones and Windows PCs as part of an holistic ecosystem of your devices.
Mark Hachman

Microsoft February 2022 Patch Tuesday fixes 48 flaws, 1 zero-day
Microsoft has fixed 48 vulnerabilities (not including 22 Microsoft Edge vulnerabilities )
Lawrence Abrams