C++ wins programming language of the year award
Tiobe recognized C++ as the programming language with the biggest gain in popularity in 2022. C and Python were the runners-up.
Paul Krill
Info World

R tutorials: Learn R programming for data science
Search for R tutorials by task, topic, or package. Many include videos
Sharon Machlis

How to create your own RSS reader with R
Sure, you could use one of the commercial or open-source RSS readers. But isn’t it more fun to code your own?
Sharon Machlis

What is the JRE? Introduction to the Java Runtime Environment
The JRE creates the JVM and ensures dependencies are available to your Java programs. It plays a vital role in devops and cloud configurations.
Matthew Tyson

Rust tutorial: Get started with the Rust language
Here`s how to get your feet wet with Rust, from using Rust’s toolchain to creating projects, working with third-party code, managing libraries, and more.
Serdar Yegulalp

Lesser-Known And Underused CSS Features In 2022
CSS is constantly evolving, and some cool and useful properties either go completely unnoticed or are not talked about
Adrian Bece
Smashing Magazine

Bling out your command line with Windows Terminal’s new themes
It’s been three years since Microsoft debuted Windows Terminal, its official upgraded interface for programs like Command Prompt and PowerShell.
Michael Crider

Azure Functions Support for .NET 7 Progresses
Cloud developers who are into serverless computing can now enjoy support of .NET 7 as a runtime when working with Azure Functions v4.
David Ramel

TensorFlow, PyTorch, and JAX: Choosing a deep learning framework
Three widely used frameworks are leading the way in deep learning research
Ian Pointer

IT career roadmap: Cloud architect
Cloud architect is one of the top paid roles for IT professionals,
Bob Violino

Microsoft fixes Access apps failing to open after July updates
Microsoft is rolling out a fix for a known issue that caused MS Access runtime applications not to open after installing July 2022`s Patch Tuesday Office/Access security updates.
Sergiu Gatlan

Intro to Pure CSS: Minimal, modular CSS layouts
Pure CSS offers a minimalist, mobile-first approach to CSS layouts in your web pages. Let`s get started with this lightweight framework, which you can use as-is or extend with a variety of plugins.
Matthew Tyson

What is Visual Studio Code? Microsoft’s extensible code editor
Come for the fast editing. Stay for the debugging, source code management support, and huge ecosystem of extensions.
Martin Heller

How to migrate ASP.NET Core 5 code to ASP.NET Core 6
It’s easy to update your ASP.NET Core 5 code to ASP.NET Core 6. Learn how by following these examples.
Joydip Kanjilal

Tired of searching Slack, GitHub, and Google Drive separately? Do it all at once in SQL
When APIs are automatically database tables, it’s easy to combine search results from diverse APIs.
Jon Udell

Over 3.6 million MySQL servers found exposed on the Internet
MySQL servers, 2.3 million are connected over IPv4, with 1.3 million devices over IPv6.
Bill Toulas

Embed Python scripts in HTML with PyScript
The new PyScript project lets you embed Python programs directly in HTML pages and execute them within the browser without any server-based requirements.
Lawrence Abrams