The HTC Vive Flow Is a Lighter Way to Get Into VR
Vive`s new standalone headset isn`t quite a pair of glasses, but isn`t really a headset either.
Sam Rutherford
New AMD CPU Socket With Next-Gen Ryzen Chip Coming in 2022
AMD is also bringing its 3D-V cache tech to a Zen 3 Ryzen chip early next year that`ll still use the AM4 socket.
Michael Kan
Can’t afford a new computer? Play PC Building Simulator for free instead
Dream as big as you like. It won’t cost you anything but time.
Alaina Yee
Teardown Confirms Qualcomm Modems in the iPhone 13 Pro
It`s always good to confirm what you suspected all along. In this case, iFixit`s teardown of the iPhone 13 Pro shows that the iPhone 13 line has Qualcomm`s X60 modem
Sascha Segan
Nvidia releases Windows 11 driver with DLSS support for more than 100 games
Nvidia is releasing a new display driver today that adds DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) support to 28 games,
Tom Warren
[hypimg6] Announces its AI-Powered Product Manager Tool, Natasha, is in Beta is launching a beta of Natasha, an AI-powered product manager that aims to democratize software development with Builder Studio 3.0.
if you’ve been following Apple for a minute, you’ve probably heard Cook talk about the game-changing potential of augmented reality.
Kim Lyons
Chainlink (LINK) Sees a Rise in Development Activity on Github
Chainlink is climbing in terms of its raw amount of notable daily github submissions.

How AI-assisted software testing makes DevOps work
Nearly two-thirds of large enterprises are running mainframe-based apps dating back two decades
Matt Asay

IoT could drive adoption of near-premises computing
Near-premises computing offers the robustness of a central data center at the edge. It`s time to take a look at this option.
Mary Shacklett
tech republic

What Tesla’s bet on iron-based batteries means for manufacturers
Elon Musk earlier this week made his most bullish statements yet on iron-based batteries.
Aria Alamalhodaei

TSMC Is Considering Building a Chip Plant in Japan, CEO Says
Company chairman characterized any Japan fab as “specialty technology,” a term that usually refers to mature node chips that serve specific or niche markets.
DataCenter Knowledge

Microsoft`s Windows Cloud PC service almost here - What we know so far
In addition to Windows 11, Microsoft has been secretly working on a new Windows PC experience
Mayank Parmar
bleeping computer

Photos: 16 books about AI, robotics, automation, and how they`re affecting the job market
Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson, authors and directors of the MIT Initiative...
Kristen Lotze
Tech Republic

Stop & Shop Looks To Normalize Robots In Public Places
If you have a Stop & Shop convenience store in your area...
Jazz Shaw
Hot Air

Amazon offers employees $10K and 3 months’ pay to start their own delivery businesses
Following news of Amazon’s plans to reduce Prime shipping down to one day...
Sarah Perez

Here’s what robots destroy when they compete with humans
A new study has something to say about the toll of workplace automation...
Andrew Keshner

A 10-million-pound undersea cable just set an internet speed record
Breaking down, by the numbers, a new submarine data-transfer accomplishment...
Rob Verger
Popular Science

Inside the Raspberry Pi: The story of the $35 computer that changed the world
The co-creators of the credit-card-sized board reveal the many challenges they overcame to build the breakthrough machine.
Nick Heath
Tech Republic

DeepMind`s AlphaZero now showing human-like intuition in historical `turning point` for AI
DeepMind’s artificial intelligence programme AlphaZero is now showing signs of human-like intuition and creativity, in what developers have hailed as ‘turning point’ in history
Sarah Knapton
Yahoo News