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The HTC Vive Flow Is a Lighter Way to Get Into VR
Vive`s new standalone headset isn`t quite a pair of glasses, but isn`t really a headset either.
Sam Rutherford

HTC’s new headset has leaked and it’ll make you look like a bug
leaked details of an unannounced HTC Vive Flow VR headset that’s expected to be announced at an event on Thursday.
Jay Peters

New AMD CPU Socket With Next-Gen Ryzen Chip Coming in 2022
AMD is also bringing its 3D-V cache tech to a Zen 3 Ryzen chip early next year that`ll still use the AM4 socket.
Michael Kan

Yubico Finally Launches `Bio` Security Key With Built-In Fingerprint Reader
The Yubikey Bio will start at $80 for the USB Type A version, and $85 for the USB Type C model.
Michael Kan

Windows Server 2022: A cheat sheet
Microsoft has just released its most recent Windows Server platform. Check out the improved hybrid cloud features.
Simon Bisson

Valve reportedly developing standalone VR headset codenamed ‘Deckard’
Valve could have a second VR headset in development with a standalone design similar to what’s currently offered by Facebook’s lineup of Oculus Quest headsets.
Jon Porter

Amazon’s fall hardware event 2021: rumors, news, and announcements
When Amazon announces new products in the fall, it often does it in bulk — fitting for a retailer
Kim Lyons, James Vincent, and Chaim Gartenberg Sha

These 7 core apps will change in Windows 11
Most of the Windows apps are simply being updated to look like Windows 11. But some are receiving new features, too.
Mark Hachman

Nvidia releases Windows 11 driver with DLSS support for more than 100 games
Nvidia is releasing a new display driver today that adds DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) support to 28 games,
Tom Warren

The final beta of Android 12 is here: What`s new, and what`s broken
Android 12 beta 5 has been released with a few new additions and a few subtractions.
Jack Wallen

Apple iPad vs. iPad Air vs. iPad mini vs. iPad Pro: Which Tablet Should You Buy?
Apple has four iPad models to choose from, spanning some wide ranges in price and performance.
Will Greenwald & Steven Winkelman

Facebook Ray-Ban Stories Review
I have long been hopeful about smart glasses because of the potential they represent, untethering you from your phone in favor of the world around you.
Will Greenwald

Amazon starts making its own TVs with new Fire TV Omni and 4-Series
`Amazon is officially in the TV business. The company has announced its first lineup of Amazon-branded 4K Fire TVs
Chris Welch

Give your eyes some extra room with this portable second screen
For desktop PC users, hooking up a second screen is pretty normal. The extra visual real estate can seriously improve your productivity. But what if you’re working on a laptop
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