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Open source doesn’t have a security problem. It has a distribution problem.
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Why developers should put the database first
Data is the heart of the user experience, so shouldn’t developers start there? SQLite, NoSQL databases, and abstractions like Neurelo make that far easier to do.
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Azure AI Studio: A nearly complete toolbox for AI development
Azure AI Studio, while still in preview, checks most of the boxes for a generative AI application builder.
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Intro to PyScript: Run Python in your web browser
PyScript lets you run Python scripts right in the browser, side by side with JavaScript, with two-way interaction between your code and the web page.
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How to use primary constructors in C# 12
Primary constructors in C# 12 can be used in classes and structs as well as record types. Here’s how they make your code cleaner and more concise.
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Database applications have vastly improved in recent years, but despite our best efforts, they can still feel frustratingly slow.
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